Policy plan 2018 ~ 2023

This policy plan  sets out how the Stichting Dutch Starfighter Foundation will achieve its main objective – raising funds for the restoration and maintenance of an F-104 Starfighter at  Volkel Air Base. She receives her income through sponsors, donations and subsidies. It also provides insight into activities, management, organization and finances of the Foundation.

D 8114 high


In the period 1963 to 1984 the F-104G Starfighter served with the Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu). At Volkel Air Base, the Starfighter was used as a tactical bomber in the period known as the “Cold War”. With the successor the F-16, it became increasingly clear how unique the F-104G Starfighter is in design, maintenance and use where the F-104G Starfighter belongs to the latest generation aircraft with a conventional design with a speed up to Mach-2.

The Starfighter is a unique aircraft and inextricably linked to Dutch (aviation) history, making it a cultural heritage. The (parts of) Starfighters present in the Netherlands can currently only be seen as a static museum piece in the various musea (including the National Military Museum and Aviodrome).

To be able to admire the plane in its former glory and with all its typical facets, it is of great added value to restore the F-104G Starfighter in honor. Partly because of the unique shape and the typical sound of the F-104G Starfighter, many will be enraptured by sight, but even more by hearing the sound of the F-104G Starfighter J79 jet engine.

In addition to maintaining the F-104G Starfighter as cultural heritage, the aircraft will contribute to the profiling and presentation of the Royal Netherlands Air Force to the Dutch public through participation in aviation events.

This document has been drawn up to inform all interested parties and interested parties about the objectives, structure and financial planning of the organization. We think it is very important that everyone who is (financially) involved with the Dutch Starfighter Foundation has a good understanding of the way we work.

The aim of this plan is also to inform (potential) sponsors and donors about the operational and financial planning for the future.

We invite you to read this policy plan. In addition, I refer you to our website: dutchstarfighterfoundation.com.

With any of your questions you can contact one of our board members. We hope that you will read this document with interest and that you will soon become involved with the F-104G Starfighter.

Hans van der Werf
Stichting Dutch Starfighter Foundation


Motivation for the founding of the foundation

Historical Fighters Volkel (Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel/HVV) consists of a group of volunteers who started in 2004 with the collection and restoration of aircraft and aircraft parts, which have a historical connection with Volkel Air Base. HVV is located in hangar 1 at Volkel Air Base. This hangar was built in the Second World War for the Luftwaffe and placed on the list of monumental buildings. The HVV is part of the Tradition Room “Typhoon”. The Tradition Room focuses on the general history of Volkel Air Base with an exhibition of objects, photographs and aircraft parts.

When HVV was founded, two goals were set; one of the F-104G Starfighters that had been outside for many years, would be completely restored. The other goal was to only restore the cockpit section of another F-104 and put it on display in the Tradition Room.

While the group was expanded with more enthusiastic employees, the Air Base management provided the necessary hangar space and the tools to do the jobs. The depot of the Military Aviation Museum (MLM) in Soesterberg made spare parts available and other parts were disassembled from other F 104’s that were set up aimless at the Air Base.

The first objective, the restoration of D-8312, progressed slowly until 2012, when HVV was chosen to exchange it for another F-104, provided with serial number D- 8114.

D-8312 has been standing outside in the open for years after being put out of service, which the plane has certainly done no good. D-8114 has been an instructional object at the Technical University of Delft and was in a much better condition. With mixed feelings, D-8312 was transported to the demolisher …

After arrival of the D-8114 at Volkel in 2012, it soon became clear that it would be impossible to restore it before the Air Force days in June 2013, which were dominated by 100 years of military aviation. The only thing left was to assemble all the separate parts so that the aircraft would be presentable in a way. The elevator, the tail, the exhaust, the wings and all the sections were mounted. The shock absorbers had to be fixed in the correct position. Then the F-104 got a good wash and after that, the aircraft was found to show off on the static display.

In the meantime, a phase dock has been set up for the D-8114 to carry out a 200-hour phase inspection in accordance with the original regulations. As the phase inspection progresses, the end goal is getting closer: a fully restored F-104G Starfighter. But without an engine the end goal will never be achieved.

An engine of the type General Electric J79-GE11A is necessary to complete the D-8114. This engine is no longer available in the inventory of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and can only be obtained through the purchase of third parties. Money is needed for that. Organisationally, the HVV is under the Royal Netherlands Air Force, but unfortunately it can not rely on government funds. For this reason, the Stichting Dutch Starfighter Foundation was created.

By acquiring funds from the Dutch Starfighter Foundation and making it available to the Historical Fighters Volkel, it will be able to achieve its objectives.


Goal and strategy

The foundation has as goal:

  • the raising of funds for the restoration and maintenance of a F-104 Starfighter, being a historical heritage, stored at Volkel Air Base;
  • performing all further actions, which are related to the foregoing in the widest sense or which may be conducive thereto.

Target group of the foundation are individuals, associations, companies and institutions with a shared/common  interest in (especially military) aviation.

To obtain the funds mentioned, the foundation will undertake the following activities:

The activities to generate income:

~ performing guided tours,|
~ performinge presentations about the organization,
~ performing presentations about the Starfighter,

– encouraging people to make donations;
– recruiting donors, preferably for several years;
– applying for subsidies. 

Spending the capital

The Foundation has no assets in the sense of liquidity. All funds and income are used to realize the objectives of Historical Fighters Volkel /Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel:

Historical Fighters Volkel is committed to the following goals:

  1. Maintaining an F-104G Starfighter as cultural heritage;
  2. Setting up an own technical service, consisting of certified volunteers;
  3. Setting up own education programs that meet the (military) aviation requirements;
  4. Obtaining, storing and maintaining the complete technical manuals of the F-104G Starfighter;
  5. The maintenance and expansion of a warehouse with spare parts;
  6. Providing information, tours and lectures about its mission and activities in an attractive and historically justified manner for those interested;

The foundation is not profit-oriented and aims at the public benefit.



Name: Stichting Dutch Starfighter Foundation
Postal address: Groenewoud 28, 5401 PC Uden, The Netherlands.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Chamber v. Commerce: 72604212
IBAN: NL06 SNSB 0772 8664 65
RSIN / fiscal number: 859170433


Composition of the board

  • Chairman: Mr. Hans van der Werf
  • Secretary & treasurer: Mr. Theo Rombout
  • Communications: Mr. Michael de Boer
  • Member: Mr. Ferry Lotterman

Remuneration policy

The Foundation has no paid employees. All work is performed by volunteers, who receive no remuneration, salary or financial compensation for their work. They do, however, receive an expense allowance.


Actual powers

The articles of association stipulate that board members are only jointly authorized and administrative decisions are taken with an absolute majority of votes.


The funds benefit

Historical Fighters Volkel /Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel
Hangar 1
Zeelandsdijk 10
5408 SM Volkel
the Netherlands
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
W: historicalfighters.com



Expected income is:

  • Gifts / donations / subsidies
  • Fundraising activities

Expected expenses are:

  • Restoration costs
  • Hosting Websites
  • Office items
  • Postage and printing
  • Travel expenses
  • Purchase of engine estimated € 100,000
  • Purchase Martin baker ejection seat € 25,000 p / p


Money that remains after cancellation of the foundation is spent on an ANBI with a similar purpose.