ZIP72 frontpage small

The International F-104 Society, founded in 1989 as an initiative of the late Ton “Rabo” van der Zeeuw and Harry “Choco” Prins, published a dedicated Starfighter magazine long before the internet became widely established, called “Zipper”. With the advent of the internet there wasn’t a need for a printed magazine any longer and the Zipper more or less faded into oblivion.

But, recently “Choco” dedicated a new issue of the Zipper to the HVV / DSF, describing the history of the HVV / DSF as well as the that of our D-8114 and the airframe we are hoping to acquire, D-5810. Click the image to download Zipper Nr. 72. A hard-copy of the magazine will be available during events we will be visiting in the near future.

Would you be interested to download previous issues of the Zipper magazine, please visit the IFS website ( This is a very interesting site for F-104 fans anyway, with lots of detailed information on for example F-104 pilots,  squadron-rotations, accidents and incidents, international exercises and locations of preserved Starfighters all around the globe.