Yes, we've got it!

We have been searching for an engine, J-79-GE11A, for years and now the engine has found us! Mr. Robin Sipe, president of S & S Turbine Services Ltd. contacted us on the basis of our activities on Facebook and he is offering us an engine in exchange for advertising; that is how it works with sponsors.

Of course we are delighted with this new acquisition, at the same time this brings us to the next challenge: to use this engine, we need official papers/ certificates with it. To that end, the engine needs to be overhauled, after which the required certificate is issued.

And now we have arrived at the point where we are going to ask for your help: to get a motor with papers in hangar 1 at the D-8114, we estimate an amount between C $ 45.000, - and C $ 50.000, - is needed. In Euros: between € 30,000 and € 33,000.

That is why we appeal to all our followers, fans, supporters and aviation enthusiasts to become a donor NOW or to make a nice donation to our foundation. If we collect the required amount in time, the engine can be seen during the Air Force Days on 14 and 15 June!

S&S Turbine Services Ltd. is a Canadian company, located in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Our focus is twofold:

1. On the support, maintenance, and overhaul of aeroderivative gas turbine prime movers in electrical generation and natural gas compression service.

2. Support, maintenance and overhaul of military aircraft engines and naval main propulsion aeroderivative gas generators.