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Payments to HVV in accordance with objective: No payments have yet been made.


Retrospect 2018

Thanks to donations, which we were allowed to receive before the foundation, the Foundation could start with an initial capital of € 360, -. That money was also badly needed to pay the first bills of the Notary and Chamber of Commerce. Soon after the establishment, a number of one-off donations came through Facebook. Also thanks to Facebook the sales of merchandise got off to a good start.

In the autumn we received a number of groups of interested parties in the hangar, which we have done well with; merchandise in the form of badges, poster prints and canvas cloths was eagerly taken away.

The first donors also registered, which we can count on thanks to good agreements in the coming years. Of course we can not forget the sponsors from the very beginning: Bouwbedrijf van de Ven-Veghel, CSI Asbestos inventory, Belas Asbestos removal, Willem Theiner, Foto de Vakman-Uden, Brother NL and 1-2-3 Ink. They provided us with services and goods in exchange for advertising in the form of a name. In addition, Mr. Roger Seroo, former Starfighter owner, donated our EFA parachute completely free of charge to the FlySafety Kit of the 104 kite.

All in all, we may be satisfied with a pleasant start, but the real work will only start.


At the beginning of 2019, a Canadian company, S & S Turbine Services Ltd, announced that it will donate a J79 engine. In order to get the engine "working" in the Netherlands, we will still have to incur costs for certification and transport. We want to focus on obtaining two engines and estimate that this will involve an amount of € 100,000. For this we will have to look for donors and sponsors who want to support us in this.

With the Luchtmavchtdagen 2019 ahead, we are busy with preparations and streamlining our advertising campaign to recruit donations, sponsors and donors. In addition, our PR team is designing and purchasing merchandise for the general public. We are also planning a plan to receive and inform groups of visitors about our project; naturally also with the ultimate goal of recruiting donors.