14+15-06-2019: During the Air Force Days, the DSF Foundation and the Historical Fighters Volkel have
                           had a lot of interest from visitors to the LMD. Contacts have been made, relationships
                           have been perpetuated and many merchandise has been sold. We now have the option

                           to purchase a nice stock of parts that we were offered earlier.

24 May 2019: Today the DSF has taken over a so-called hydraulic test stand from the Neptune Foundation.
                       The Historical Fighters Volkel can thus test and control the operation of its 104 hydraulic system

April 8, 2019: For the mounting of plate material on the vertical stabilizer of the D-8114, so-called Jobolts have
                      been purchased by the DSF. Also materials have been purchased
 to repair and maintain the GU.

February 24, 2019: In order to raise awareness of the Foundation, our PR team can be found at the
                               Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair 2019 today.

January 30, 2019: Mr. Robin Sipe from S & S Turbine Services Ltd. donates a J-79-GE11A engine!
                              Now see that we get the money needed for its certification.

January07, 2019: We have designed a new item in our merchandise collection: a keychain
                             by Jeffrey Ketelings. There is a lot of interest in it.

December15, 2018: Guided tour former princes Maasbeek

December 03, 2018: Guided tour KNVOL dep. Deelen

November 29, 2018: Guided tour KNVOL dep. Brabant

November 27, 2018: Guided tour KNVOL dep. Limburg

November 20, 2018: introduction and sales start of our anniversary badge.

November 19, 2018: Hans Ruijgrok hands over the controls to Hans van der Werf

November 12, 2018: ANBI status awarded by the tax authorities

November 10, 2018: F-104 Fan day in Hangar 1 ~ promotional activity

September 17, 2018: foundation date of the Foundation.